Shoe Cutting and Fitting Services

At Hamilton Shoe Store in Wellsville, NY, footwear is about more than just style to us. Not only do we want you to look good, but we want your shoes to be comfortable too. In addition to our large selection of stylish shoes, we also offer various services to ensure your footwear fits perfectly.

Arch Cutting Services

During World War II, Richard C. Shear, a Hamilton’s partner, and a US Navy Storekeeper 1st Class, cut inexpensive felt arches for his superior officers and other enlisted men on his base in Oakland, CA. “Dick” would often phone back to Wellsville to order more felt and check on the business, which was left in the capable hands of the store’s founder, William J. Hamilton. Bill Hamilton asked Dick to be his partner in 1934, five years following the opening of Hamilton Shoe Store at its present location. Dick gained some notoriety on base for having the capability of getting many of these men comfortable in their shoes.

Today customers still come to Wellsville to have Rich Shear, Dick’s son, cut an improved version of his father’s arch pads. Sporting 46 years of comfort shoe fitting, and a formidable distance running resume, (Ironman triathlons, road marathons, and a number of 50- and 100-mile mountain trail competitions), Rich has seen and experienced a myriad of foot issues and is always just an appointment away to serve your needs.

Shoe Fitting

At Hamilton Shoe Store, we find the perfect fit for your feet! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff have all the necessary tools to measure your feet and find the right size shoe.

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